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PC Repairs

At Our Workshop

Whether you have a broken laptop screen or have been unfortunate enough to pick up a computer virus, we’re here to help you… We always advise customers of costs before starting work – there won’t be any shocks when it comes to paying the bill.

PC or Laptop?
We’re seeing more and more laptops in for repair nowadays – broken screens, faulty power supplies and damaged hard drives being the most common faults. But of course your desktop PC is just as vulnerable. We have decades of experience of fixing PCs and laptops here at Blue Sky Computing.

Apple Mac?
We love Apple Macs! Unfortunately for us (but not for our customers) they rarely go wrong but when they do, Blue Sky Computing are one of the few local companies that can repair iMacs, MacBooks, Mac Minis, etc.

Smartphone or Tablet?
Loving gadgets as we do we are often asked to help our customers with their new Android or iPhone – either setting it up with email or transferring data. We can also assist in replacing broken screens, adding memory, etc with your smartphone or tablet PC.

Slow Machine?
The majority of these problems relate to a lack of RAM or a virus/spyware slowing the machine down. This is usually solved with a full service and sometimes a hardware upgrade (normally more memory).

Computer Failure?
Sometimes the computer may be so poorly it needs Windows reinstalled or has had a hardware failure. After diagnosing the fault we will make an honest recommendation. Sometimes this might be for the machine to be replaced if it is not economical to repair.

Whether you’re upgrading the hard drive or the whole PC we can help you in our workshop. We can recommend, supply and fit hardware upgrades to suit your needs and budget. If it’s time to replace your PC we can transfer your data, email and settings between most PCs. We will assist you in reinstalling any software you may have (Microsoft Office is a popular one).

Data Loss? (Documents, photos, e-mails)
We work to protect customers’ data but cannot be responsible for it.  Data stored on hard drives depends on moving parts. If these fail then data recovery is expensive. Please ensure you BACKUP your data regularly when your machine is running. We offer a comprehensive data recovery service when you need it.

Collect / Drop Off?
We can arrange to collect your computer for repair in the workshop. After repair we will return and setup the PC as required.

In a Hurry?
We generally work on a first-come, first-served basis but an additional fee ensures your repair is started upon receipt and remains a priority until completed.

Urgently need a PC?
We often stock laptops and PCs and can setup a replacement unit for you at short notice. We can offer loan equipment to our contract customers.

On Your Premises

You can arrange for a Blue Sky Computing Engineer to visit your home or office for the quickest solution to computer or network problems. Some problems can only be addressed on site (e.g. setting up broadband connections) while sometimes it will be cheaper for us to bring the computer back to our workshop for repair. Please call us for prices.


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