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Virus Removal & Protection

At Blue Sky Computing we provide a professional Virus, malware and spyware removal service for customers in Devizes, Calne, Marlborough and other areas of Wiltshire. Viruses account for more calls than any other single computer problem.

Viruses, along with spyware and other malware can be amongst the hardest things to correct with your computer. Often customers come to us with PCs that won’t start, where they have tried to remove the virus themselves. So why not leave it to the experts?!

Keep calm!
Some viruses and hoax-antivirus infections will display worrying alerts, suggesting that you have been reported to the Police for downloading illegal images. This is nonsense but disturbing all the same. They will try to extort money from you, either by taking your credit-card details or getting you to buy ukash vouchers. Don’t fall for it - Switch off your computer and call us straight away.

Leave it to the experts!
Some viruses are extremely hard to remove. We have many software tools at our disposal and will use the right one for the job in question. We can also call on antivirus software developers for assistance if it beats us.

Call Blue Sky Computing
Call us on 01380 716109 or any of the numbers above for professional advice on what to do next.

Antivirus solutions

The engineers at Blue Sky Computing have been working with the award winning Eset antivirus solutions since 2002 and still think to this day that it’s amongst the best protection you can have on your computer. They produce a range of antivirus solutions for Servers, PCs, Apple Macs and even some Smartphones.

Call us for free advice on which of the Eset solutions would be best for you or your company.
Of course if you have any other preferred software provider we can assist you in setting up your PCs to be as safe as they can be.


Whilst not strictly computer viruses, malware can equally cripple your computer. Here at Blue Sky Computing we use Malwarebytes Anti-Malware alongside Eset to protect the computers and our valuable data.

We often use Malwarebytes to remove viruses and malware from customers’ infected PCs but it can also be used to protect your computers from all sorts of threats. We don’t normally recommend using two antivirus products on a PC but when configured properly, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware works alongside most recognised antivirus programmes (such as Eset) to give you the best protection available. Even better for home users is that Malwarebytes Anti-Malware is a one-off purchase, with no annual renewal costs. There are Corporate versions for our business customers.

Why not call us for a quote to supply Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and to configure it with your current antivirus programme?


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